Viva, A YouTube channel started by Harsha Chemudu and this channel got changed his name to Viva Harsha. Now, Viva Harsha is one of the most famous comedians in Telugu Film Industry who got famous with the short film Viva which crossed 12M+ Views in YouTube and it is one of the most viewed Telugu short film in YouTube till now.

Now, This team comes with the latest video which is all about the ‘The Swayamwara’ episode from the Ramayana in semi-modern circumstances.

Modern Swayamvaram staring Viva Harsha, Sunny, Shanmukh, J.D.Prasad, Raghav, Darling Das Anna, Sitaram, Jeevan, Suhas, SaiNadh, Deepak, Hasmi, Satwik, Suresh, Giridhar, Sai Mithra, And many more artists. Till now Modern Swayamvaram crossed 3 Lakh+ views in less than a day. Let’s see how many views it may be crossed in coming days!

Do Check Out The Below Video To Watch Modern Swayamwaram :