Ipudu intermediate.. College atmosphere ah exams Anni kothaga undevi..Inter lo ekuva moments Levu.. Kani prathi okaru nka chepaledha tana ki??Nka chepaledha..Anapdu ala ah feeling Chala bagundedhi..Bcz Waiting for a person makes you love much more strong !!Ela cheptam Manaki nka adhe bhayamm..Kani anthe prema !!Prema Ni chepali ante bhayam undodhu… Prathi sari ipudu chpli..Eesari elagaina chpli anukunevadni..Kani prathi sari..Ah bhayam eh gelichedi.First yr kuda Ipoendhi..Madayalo sudden ga Chala rjulu matladaledhu.. Ekadki poyndho telidhu.. I was down..Ah time antha Chala slow ga move avthunattu undedhi…But at the end of d day u have to believe what is that true love has an habit of coming back..Na varaku nenu true ga sincere ga love chesanu..Sudden ga Malli na lyf loki vachndi n that too with a bang !! OMG this was unexpected in mah lyf..She asked do u love me?? Ah msg ragane konni 100 sarlu ah msg chadivanu..Crct ey na nenu chustundi ani..The moment which you are waiting for has came Infront of you..Nka Ipdu Kuda nenu chepaldhu ante I am the foolish person in d world!! And that was d day which I have to remember in my life…which I can’t forget ever n ever.. first love kadha antha easy ga Ela Marchipotanu..Idhi inko achievement..huhh Atlast we r together !! Ah feeling ithe ey writer rayaledu..Evadu explain cheyaledu..Evarki ardam kuda kadhu..Bcz one has to experience love !! Antha bane undhi..Anni manchga jargutunay..Nka Ipdu ah bhayam poyndhi.. Endkante Ipdu tanu nadhi kadha..drct ga matladali ankna..frst tym drct ga matlada..tanu dance class iyaka apudapdu meet iyevadni..The first Tym I touched..First touch Adhi kuda marchipolenu..she held my hand and we were walking..the thope feel among all was this one..Manam preminchna ammayi cheyi patukuni nadusthunte matram dd…ala life happy ga move avthu undhi..Anni ankunattu jarigithe Adhi lyf Ela avthundi as I said life is what which happens that you not expect..Iddaram enni sarlu godava padamo..CLG vishayam lo..Iddaram oke CLG lo join avali Ani..abbo Chala raccha iendhi..And final ga Malli tanu vere CLG nenu vere 3. CLG..She made me to cry on my bday..She changed alot after joining in the CLG..She has changed !! She promised me that she will never leave me..She promised that she will marry me..She promised that she will be there with me in my happiness n sadness.. Morever the promise which haunts me Everytime in my lyf..She promised that I m equal to her brother’s. How insane ?? People change like seasons and she is not an exemption.. She too changed alot..Her priorities changed..She is not the same girl whom she was in school days..She is not the same girl when she said she will be happy when she z with me.She changed..But I ?? Never..Never in mah lyf..The same love..The same affection..The same fear and same everything..She developed and started teaching..That life is not all about love…Don’t be possessive..And much more..Is being careful possessive??Well she thought that was possessive…If being caring is possessive..Then yes I’m possessive..If being loving you to the peak is cinematic.. Then yes I’m cinematic.. She left breaking all the promises..May be she forgot everything..But how can I ??At times she had a reason that I was possessive..OK well and Good..N now she came up with a new reason.. Guilty.. Well can I ask her a question?She had that many reasons for not being together..Can’t she have a single reason for being together??When you love a person you also have a responsibility to love his flaws too.. Tana tho jarigina prathi moment gurthu untundi..She will be my password foreverr..But now typing that password make me to cry..But I want that when I type the password a smile comes on my face!! Yes I did mistakes??Can’t you correct me?? Naku telisi ninu special ga feel iyela chesedhi nenu..If My guess is correct..Don’t you love your school days?? If not y u remember till now?? I wanna tell one thing some love for ur body and some loves you..Just you..When you come to know that difference ur life will be a joyride!! And the biggest problem with her was she want to die?? Naku telika aduguthanu…Oka Amma 9months mosi Kani peninchndi deenike na?Tana kuturni madayalo chanipovadam kosame na?? Ahhh ammayi Anna lu Tanani anthala love chesedi induke na? Don’t they have dreams?? Listen if you are confused between doing right or wrong..Just think of your parents..I bet you..That you will Never ever make a mistake in your life..Asalu ah ammayi ki em takva.. Preminche parents.. Preminche annayalu… Luxury life…Good frnds..Intha mandhi Preminche valani petkoni y she want to die?? I love her and I waited for her (she knews how many days..Months..Years)Naku telisi oka abbayi oka ammayi kosam ithala wait cheyadu(it’s not my greatness..Well I don’t 4. think it is a great one..But my love for her is great, pure, classic.)some ppl don’t have lovable ones in their life..But she had one!! She is cute..She is innocent..She is beautiful..N what not? Among all these she is so innocent.. That made me to fall in love with her.Describing a girl well I don’t know much more terminologies… last I would like to say is that she will be my love forever n ever.. Even though she hates me..She doesn’t likes me.no matter what happens my love stand for you!! And Finally… I want to thank that girl Bcz she taught me lessons..She made me strong ..She made me to cry..she made me smile..she is the main reason for improving my patience..she made me knew that I can wait for a long time..She was the reason that I knew that I can love a person to a great extent !! From the person who loves you to the infinity !!