Alert! China Hacker Group Is With The New Spy Ware

KeyBoy is one of the hacker’s group from China which was started in the year 2013. This china hacker group keyboy is with the new spyware which attacks our computer with triple action that is all the three hacking methods will be attacked at a time.

Mainly, Hackers and hackers groups are interested in hacking only on the banking security system for their money purposes.

This new malware helps to access our computer for hackers without our knowledge.

How These Works? The steps are as follows…

  • Hackers will send us a mail with the word file document or any other file.
  • When we click on the file it shows to update our computer.
  • If we click on Update. That’s it all is over. The malware will be entered in to our computer and the hackers can access all our computer files.

Steps To Be Taken To Prevent This…

It’s better to open only trusted email’s which you know and don’t download any third party applications from other stores than Google Play Store.