Compare Smartphones With An Android App!

Day by day many mobile phone companies are launching their new mobile phones. We can’t buy all the mobiles what they releases. We will buy the best one for the long term use.

Here, In this article you gonna completely read about an android application called Spectify. In this application you can compare all the mobiles with another one just by selecting the mobile.

To Know Specification Of An Particular Phone :

Just launch the mobile application Spectify. There you can see the list of all the recently launched mobile phones including Oppo F5, iPhone X and many more. The below image is an screenshot of the application when you launch it will looks alike this.

To Compare A Mobile With Another One :

Just launch the application and click on the side bar. And there you can find an option Compare. Then from the list of smartphones you can compare. Here is an option where you can compare 4 smartphones at a time.

Here you can see in the below image where it’s been compared the two mobiles Samsung Galaxy S8 And Samsung Galaxy S8+

In the below image you can see where compared the four mobiles at a time.