Facebook Disaster Maps In India!

Facebook introduces disaster maps in India for better response to natural disasters area’s. According to the reports of UNDP (United Nations Development Programme) Our India tops the third place in natural disasters like earthquakes, floods, cyclones or any natural disasters.

What Is Facebook Disaster Maps ?

This feature was introduced by Facebook in many countries in the month of June 2017. When an area is affected by the natural disaster the Facebook application will simply detect the user’s location and it will do Safety Check & will notify all our Facebook friends and all other NGO’s as we are in safe location or not.

According to a survey there are 240 million+ users in India for Facebook. Which was largest for an social media company.

The below image is an DEMO IMAGE of Safety Check feature. When an natural disaster causes it will ask us as we are in safe location or not. By selecting the suitable option Facebook will take further steps.

And also Facebook gonna join hands with the environmental organizations like SEEDS, NDMA, and other organizations for better responses.

Is This Useful ?

Yes, This feature which was introduced by Facebook is very very useful for all the NGO’s and other helping organizations. It’s easy to server food packets, water bottles or to take safety precautions easily. And, Also there’s a chance of saving many lives from an natural disasters.