Google Assistant For Jio Phone!

As we all know that Reliance Jio launched it’s 4G mobile featured phone worth Rs.1500/-. Recently at Google For India Event Reliance Jio announced Google Assistant for its Jio 4G featured mobile. In the history of mobile companies Reliance Jio is the first mobile to get a Google Assistant for a featured phone.

Till date Google Assistant is only available for the smartphones and where as it is not available for any featured phone. Already, This Jio 4G featured phone consists of an preloaded voice assistant in some of the languages.

Google Assistant for Jio 4G featured phone is available to take languages only in English and Hindi. Soon may be available in all other regional languages. With this Google Assistant Jio Phone users can make a call, text, videos, and also can access the other mobile applications. There is no official confirmation from Reliance Jio from when this new feature will be implemented.