Mom's Apple iPhone X Unlocked By Son! Face Lock Fails

Recently, Apple launched their new iPhone X on September 12th 2017 And got released on November 3rd 2017. Here in this article you gonna know a shocking news where face locks fails for iPhone X.

The new iPhone X is used to unlock by the  facial recognition rather than the pass code or fingerprint lock. This new iPhone X is unlocked by Ammar Malik studying 5th class and a 10 years old guy who unlocked his mother Sana Sherwani iPhone X which was setup by the facial recognition of his mother.

Ammar Malik  Dad Attaullah Malik Wrote,

“We were sitting down in our bedroom and were just done setting up the 
Face IDs, our 10-year-old son walked in anxious to get his hands on the 
new iPhone X. Right away my wife declared that he was not going to access 
her phone. Acting exactly as a kid would do when asked to not do
 something, he picked up her phone and with just a glance got right in.”

Reasons Why These Apple iPhone X Got Unlocked :

The reason is the both mother and the son having same facial topography. Apple already announced that people or family members having similar face qualities can unlock each others iPhone. So, This might be an example for the Apple announcement.

The Below Is An Video Where Mother’s iPhone X Is Unlocked By The Son :