Every Common Man Is An Traffic Police In Hyd Now!

While travelling on the roads of Hyderabad we will see some traffic police officer’s capturing the images of the public who are violating the rules. Some of the incidents are as below :

  • Driving without carrying a Valid Driving License
  • Permitting your vehicle to be driven by an individual who does not hold a Valid Driving License
  • Not carrying the required documents as specified in Motor Vehicle Act while driving
  • Driving without a Valid Auto Insurance
  • Driving without a Valid Permit
  • Without RC & Many more.

Now the common people can also can capture the images of the above incidents while you are travelling. And you can earn Money & Points from Hyderabad Traffic Police. 

To Earn Money And Points All You Need To Do Is As Below :

If you see’s any incident violating the traffic rules simply capture or record an video of that incident and send it to the Hyderabad Traffic Police WhatsApp Number. The information what you have send to the Hyderabad Traffic Police if it is absolutely correct info then you will be credited points if your points limit exceeded to 100 points then you will be offered 100 Rs/-

So, 100 points is equal to 100 Rs/-. The points will be added to the public as of now by the below mentioned details :

  • If you capture an image or video of wrong wrote incident then you will be awarded 10 Points.
  • Triple riding – 10 Points.
  • Driving without seat belt – 7 Points.
  • If the vehicle number plate is not visible – 3 Points.
  • Parking vehicles on footpath – 3 Points.
  • Without helmet – 7 Points.
  • Signal Jumping – 10 Points.
  • Rash driving – 10 Points.
  • Driving by using phone – 10 Points 

So, Please Be Careful Hyderabad Boys & Girls. Now, Not Only The Traffic Police Can Challan You. May Be Your Beside Driving Members Also…!